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Pull Results



Pure Stock

1st Place- Jacob Colemire Oger – 213.10

2nd Place- Gary Shields- 193.30

3rd Place- Nathan Massey- 186.11


Kids Stock

1st Place- Brayden Ross- No Name Deere- 225.11

2nd Place- Cole Colemire- Logging Express- 225.00

3rd Place- Kendall Campbell- Kentucky Outlaw- 217.70

4th Place- Hannah Thomas- Not Enough Green- 216.10

5th Place- Skylar Smoot- Dirt Diva- 211.00

6th Place- Preston Thomas- Bad Binder- 210.10

7th Place- Ethan Mitchell- Corn Fed- 182.40


Kids Outlaw

1st Place- Quinton Boone- Ankle Biter- 240.60

2nd Place- Austin Tumlin- Firecracker- 232.80

3rd Place- Austin Tumlin- Old Blue- 225.90

4th Place- Matthew Pence- Crazy Cub- 201.11





Adult Stock

1st Place- Justin Ross- No Name Deere- 271.70

2nd Place- Robbie Colemire- Hard Times- 252.00

3rd Place- Brad Campbell- Kentucky Outlaw- 244.90

4th Place- Daniel Thomas- Not Enough Green- 218.60

5th Place- Dylan Thomas- Bad Binder- 211.11

6th Place- David Fultz- Night Train- 209.11

7th Place- David Abner- Competitiion- 207.11

8th Place- Jimmy Vice- Loud & Proud- 152.10


Sport Stock

1st Place- Timmy Gray- Dream Killer- 278.40

2nd Place- Trent Evans- Rag’n Red- 265.70

3rd Place- Austin Tumlin- Firecracker- 250.80

4th Place- Quinton Boone- Untouchable- 225.20

5th Place- Jim Applegate- Wildcat- 187.10



1st Place- Stanley Henderson- Plum Crazy- 286.10

2nd Place- Anthony White- Down & Dirty- 232.30

3rd Place- Jeff Jones- Bill Money- 204.10





Open Twin

1st Place- Jimmy Vice- Expensive Habit- 257.11

2nd Place- Quinton Boone- Ankle Biter- 251.90


Stock Altered

1st Place- Trent Evans- Bad out of Boyd- 338.80

2nd Place- Timmy Gray- Dream Killer- 274.80





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