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Pull Results



Kids Stock

1st Place- Ethan Mitchell-Corn Fed 293.2

2nd Place- Cole Colemire-Logging Express 275.11

3rd Place- Hannah Thomas-Not Enough Green 275.3

4th Place- Jacob Colemire-Oger 275.3

5th Place- Riley Mastin-255.0

6th Place- Nathan McClanahan-251.4

7th Place- Caden Tuel-215.6


Kids Outlaw

1st Place- Jared Zornes-Little Pie Maker 311.4

2nd Place- Matthew Pence-Crazy Cub 253.9

3rd Place- Nathan McClanahan-221.9

4th Place- Matthew Pence-Hydro Super Cub 218.8

5th Place- Riley Mastin-218.4




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Adult Stock

1st Place- Justin Ross-No Name Deere 303.10

2nd Place- Dylan Thomas-Bad Binder 282.10

3rd Place- Danny Wilson-Heap of Trouble 281.3

4th Place- Daniel Thomas-Not Enough Green 280.7

5th Place- Robbie Colemire-Hard Times 277.11

6th Place- Trent Evans- Night Train 276.9

7th Place- Tim Moore-71 Cub 268.2

8th Place- Michael Tuel-261.8

9th Place- Timmy Sparks-Mean Green Machine 231.9











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Sport Stock

1st Place- Timmy Gray-Budlight Express 351.10

2nd Place- Greg Applegate-305.0

3rd Place- Trent Evans-Rag’n Red 281.6

4th Place- Austin Tumlin-Firecracker 268.10

5th Place- Jim Applegate-Wildcat 202.8



1st Place- Stanley Henderson-Plum Crazy 362.1

2nd Place- Anthony White-Down & Dirty 308.2

3rd Place- Anthony White- Devil Dog 294.4

Pull Results Page 4



Open V-Twin

1st Place- Robert Tackett-Super Cub 401.9

2nd Place- Jimmy Vice-Little Pie Maker 400.11

3rd Place- Greg Applegate- 321.6




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