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Germantown Garden Tractor Pulling Series




General Rules for all classes:



1. Judges decision will be final on any point of controversy. Any disagreement will result in disqualification before the next tractor hooks.

2. Entries will close 5 minutes prior to start of each class. Special exceptions for late arrivals.

3. Obvious consumption of alcoholic beverages will be grounds for disqualification.

4. Must idle through pit area.

5. Judges have the right to stop or disqualify and contestant if the tractor is being operated in a unsafe manner or if driver is unruly.

6. Pulling position will be determined by drawing.

7. Weight transfer sled will be used.

8. Only judges, drivers and one helper permitted on the track at a time

9. All tractors must be pushed on and off scales.

10. Any tractor can only take one place.

11. Driver must remain in the seat with one hand on steering while tractor is in motion.

12. Two attempts will be allowed to start sled. Once clutch is let out and tractor moves that constitutes as a attempt. Contestant will not be disqualified on the first hook within the shutdown line on track. Have two minutes to attempt hook once your name is called or will be counted as one hook.

13. No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled hitch during pull.

14. Any part of the tractor touching boundary line will result in disqualification.

15. First puller to be test puller. He or she has the option to take that pull or come back in fifth position, therefore voiding first pull.

16. Open to two-wheel drive, rubber-tired tractors, no duel wheels, chains or spikes.

17. All tractors must have safety devices to prevent turnovers. This device is to have wheels or skid plates. Wheels are to be at least one inch wide, five inches in diameter, and have a steel or aluminum center hub. Pads are to be three inches square at ground contact. Wheels or skid plates must be no less than five inches behind the rear tires and not more than five inches above the ground.

18. Drawbar to be stationary in all directions and hook must be able to hang freely. Maximum hitch height is thirteen inches.

19. All tractors will be weighed in and draw bars will be checked.

20. No pressurized fuel tanks, no nitro of any kind.

21. Any attachable weight lost while tractor is hooked to sled after fifty feet will be disqualified. All weight must be securely attached. No sitting on weights in seat. Any major or functional component lost after fifty feet will be disqualified. There will not be disqualification if weight falls off after forward motion stops at the end of the pull.

22. Must have any (garden tractor OEM sheet metal) no aftermarket sheet metal.

23. Fuel may be checked and carburetor venture will be checked at any time.

24. Protest fee of $150.00, $50 will go to tech official. The protest will consist of engine components, carb, and fuel. At tear down, only owner/operator and tech official will be present. If illegal, must prove to be legal before pulling again.

25. The tech officials will check and tractor that places and hold alternate tractors.

26. Contestant will be allowed two attempts to start sled within 50 feet. Driver must stay in seat at all times while making pull. NO JERKING OR BOUNCING. Adult pullers must have one hand on steering wheel at all times.

27. All Children must be at least 4 years old to participate. A child pulling in adult class must follow adult rules.

28. DOT approved helmets are mandatory in all classes.

29. Maximum RPM’s: 4,000. (These will be checked with clubs tachometer). Working governors.

30. No locked rear end in stock and kids stock class.

31. All stock tractors must be operated on gasoline that may be checked with clubs hydrometer with a maximum reading of .750.

32. Length of tractor from center of rear axle shall not exceed 7 feet to the further most point, including weights. Wheel base is to not exceed 52 inches measured from center of rear wheel to center of front wheel.

33. For all stock classes rear end must remain in stock location.

34. All participants will be responsible for any accidents caused by their tractor and will compete at their own risk.

35. All kids that pull in adult classes must be able to control tractor by themselves: start, stop, steer and throttle and must show officials that they can.

36. At any time Tech Officials reserves the right to tech tractors and implement rule changes for safety and health reasons.

37. No ATV tires allowed.





950 lb Kids stock 24-12x12 (No cut tires)


950 lb Kids outlaw 26-12x12 (Cut tires allowed)


1050 lb 16hp and under single cylinder Adult stock 24-12x12 (No cut tires)


1050 lb 16hp and under single cylinder belt burner stock 24-12x12 (no cut tires)

1050 lb 16hp and under sport stock 26-12x12 (Cut tires allowed)


1050 lb Open twin cylinder class 26-12x12 (Cut tires allowed)


1050 lb Stock altered 26-12x12 (Cut tires allowed)


1050lb Pro and super stock 26-12x12 (Cut tires allowed)


1150lb Motorcycle class 26-12x12 (Cut tires allowed)




Kid Stock & Adult Stock


1. Stock must remain stock.

2. Must have stock carb and fuel pump.

3. Must have any garden tractor OEM sheet metal, no aftermarket.

4. May have heavier clutch spring and discs.

5. Belt drive may use heavier belts and spring.

6. Exhaust may be discharged vertically. (straight pipe)

7. No cut tires allowed (24x12-12 Max.)

8. All motors must remain stock with factory air breather in place.

9. Stock valve dim. And must use stock valve (No Stainless or Titanium) Valve springs must be stock OEM (No Aftermarket, No Double Springs)

10. Stock stroke. Must be stock crank & rod and stock piston(No Billet Rod, No insert in stock rod allowed, No Billet Crank)

11. May have .030 over bore.

12. 4,000 RPM with working governors.

13. May run weight bars.

14. Carb bore 1inch max – checked with No Go guage.

15. Cam Specs

Duration- .300 Max

Lift- .318 Max

Lobe Separation- 110 Max

Exhaust- Open 72 Degrees BTDC Closed 42 Degrees ATDC

Intake- Open 42 Degrees BTDC Closed 72 Degrees ATDC



Kids Outlaw


1. Naturally aspirated single or twin cylinder.






Sport Stock Class


1. Engine will have stock bore, .030 clean up, cam lift (.324). Stock valve dim. No grinding of valve stem. 4 bolt rods allowed, must be stock valves.(No Stainless or Titanium) Stroke is 3.250 max, bore is 3.780 max.

2. Carb shall be no larger than 1 inch, will be checked with a No Go gauge

3. Insert bearings allowed. Porting and polishing allowed. Head work is permitted. Billet heads are allowed.

4. Tire size is 26-12x12. Tires such as, Cepec’s, Lawn tech’s, Vogel’s, or Pit bull’s. Open or locked rear ends permitted. Dead man throttle required.

5. We suggest steel flywheel, if stock flywheel is present has to be shielded 360 degrees with at least 3/16” steel or 1/8” aluminum and clutches.

6. All tractors must have a working kill switch designed to shut off the ignition and electric fuel pumps if equipped.

7. Maximum wheel base 52 inches.

8. Tractor must use stock garden tractor frames.

9. Frames must maintain factory length.

10. Engine must have scatter shield opposite the cam side of the motor. It must cover the height and width of block with at least 3/16” steel or 1/8” aluminum.

11. Starter pulleys must be billet steel or aluminum

12. Tractors must run on gasoline only. Must not read over .750 specific gravity on hydrometer. (NO ADDITIVES).

13. Engines must be Kohler, Wisconsin, Tecumseh, or Briggs. No aftermarket blocks.




Open Twin Cylinder


1. Must be lawn or garden tractor production engine.




Stock Altered

Pro & Super Stock



1. Will be run under NQS rules.


Motorcycle Class



1. Must motor cycle engines only.

2. Must be carbuerated.







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